Four Brothers Music

by Ben Seretan



My Grandma kept a wheezing, plastic chord organ next to a rotary telephone in her house by the ocean for decades. She'd play it occasionally, and when I was a kid I remember her once singing "On Top of Old Smokey" with me on her knee.

I inherited the organ last Fall, and I brought it east with me to New York. I set up a microphone and asked it what it had dreamed of all those years, watching the sun set day after day over the Pacific. This is what it told me - these are the chord organ's dreams, as remembered by a broken synthesizer I bought from a garage sale and the cassette tape recorder I keep on my desk.

My Grandma was a remarkable woman - cancer survivor, master seamstress, former resident of now-abandoned North Brother island - and she raised four sons. Four brothers. One of them is my Dad, who you can see over there hula hooping at a company picnic.

This is the first music I've ever made without guitars.

When you hear this music, I hope that time becomes blurry and that you think of your loved ones. Thanks.


released June 24, 2014

"Wide" recorded at 315 Seigel, fall 2013, on a zoom recorder
"Coconut Champagne" and "Life with You..." recorded to cassette tape in the gallery at Flux Factory, spring 2014
"But the Mornings Were Nice" recorded at Flux Factory, dead of winter 2014, covered in blankets, directly to zoom
"Wide" and "But the Mornings Were Nice" named by Sarah DeLappe




Ben Seretan New York, New York

Hi, I'm Ben. I live in Brooklyn. I play the electric guitar, sing, and make long music.

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